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Sasuke by Asahi Intecc

ASAHI SASUKE: the next generation of double lumen catheter

Asahi Sasuke is a Microcatheter with 2 lumens; a OTW lumen and a RX lumen. It is usually used to stabilize the procedure with the RX Wire in order to manipulate and to have better control of the OTW Wire.

- 6.5mm tip to OTW port – negates the need for deep engagement inside branches and CTOs
- Tapered soft tip - provides high trackability 
- Visible exit - know exactly where the wire is exiting
- Oval design – a) 1.08mm (3.3Fr) x b) 0.84mm (2.5Fr)
- Double stainless steel core - kink resistance and pushability
- Lubricity - L3 Coating (long lasting lubricity) maintains trackability



(5 MB)


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