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Inflation Device by Atrion

Inflation Device


Smart Design

A stable design and ergonomic controls make Atrion’s inflation devices easy to operate. Our quick latch mechanism allows for rapid deflation, even from max pressure. Key features include: clear barrel, ergonomic grip, luminescent pressure gauge and compact design.

Full Range of Products

Atrion has designed, manufactured and supplied private labeled inflation devices and fluid dispensing syringes for leading balloon and stent providers for more than 20 years. We continue to innovate and add to our product line in order to satisfy the changing needs of healthcare providers. Our standard product range include devices with 4cc, 10cc, 14cc, 20cc, 25cc, 40cc and 60cc fluid capacities and pressures up to 55ATM.


Products Overview


  • Wires
  • Micro Catheters
  • Guide Extensions
  • Guiding Catheters
  • Double Lumen Catheters
  • Coronary Thrombectomy System


  • Wires
  • Micro Catheters
  • Guiding Catheters
  • Steerable Guiding Sheath
  • Long Sheats
  • Introducers


  • Wires
  • Catheters


  • Customized Packs
  • Covers, Drapes + Bowls
  • Inflation Devices
  • Hemostasis Valves