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Chikai by Asahi Intecc

Neurovascular Guide Wire


Providing good torque response, support and durability for neuro interventional procedures. ASAHI CHIKAI family of guide wires has been originally developed based on Asahi Intecc's unique set of technologies which accomplished great success in the field of cardiovascular interventions.

ASAHI CHIKAI, ASAHI CHIKAI 10 and ASAHI CHIKAI 008 are designed for an optimal balance between tip flexibility and microcatheter support.



Products Overview


  • Wires
  • Micro Catheters
  • Guide Extensions
  • Guiding Catheters
  • Double Lumen Catheters


  • Wires
  • Thrombectomy Catheter Kit
  • Micro Catheters
  • Guiding Catheters
  • Steerable Guiding Sheath
  • Introducers


  • Wires
  • Catheters


  • Customized Packs
  • Covers, Drapes + Bowls
  • Inflation Devices
  • Hemostasis Valves